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We have been an established company for over 30 years with an enormously fast growing fashion brand.

Since we not only want to satisfy the usual expectations of our international customers, but also want to exceed them, we are always looking to reorganize and expand our family team.

We appreciate and are enthusiastic about the individuality of our team members and rely heavily on cohesion, as well as reliability.

Note: If you cannot find the job you are looking for, please contact us and

just send us your speculative application.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to your application!

Praktikum Marketing & Sales Europe

Eschborn, Deutschland

Creative Designer (W/M/D)

Eschborn, Main-Taunus-Kreis, Deutschland

Bürofachkraft (W/M/D)

Eschborn, Deutschland

Marketing Spezialist (W/M/D)

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

Praktikum Marketing (W/M/D)

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

Werkstudent/-in Global Sales (W/M/D)

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

Praktikum Mode-Design (W/M/D)

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

Praktikum Verwaltung (W/M/D)

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

Mitarbeiter Versand & Logistik

65760 Eschborn, Deutschland

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