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About Us

We are ANGOOR,


an international, fashionable and exclusive fashion brand from the heart of Europe.


We love and live new ideas, creativity and the art of expression and emotions,

which fashion can create through small details. 


Our most valuable source of inspiration is nature itself. It not only gives us the yarns from which we can create our small and beautiful masterpieces, but also gives us inspiration for creating unusual prints and loving embroidery.


Fashion is an art that requires a lot of passion, experience and attention to detail.


We have combined our love for nature with our inner passion, made it our duty to give something back and share our inspiration and creations with you!






Vision & philosophy

As a responsible company, we follow the philosophy of cohesion and mutual support.  We want to support the building blocks, i.e. our boutiques and stores, while at the same time offering you the best possible experience to meet the clicks of the digital age.



Our vision is that of a sustainable and long-lasting company. In combination with our philosophy, ANGOOR is more than just a fashion brand in our vision.


We want our customers to be able to embody an attitude to life and expression that gives everyone the opportunity to feel unique and confident.


Our goal is also to convey to our customers the uniqueness of emotions that fashion can create through its individual components such as yarns.

Each of our products is designed with passion and attention to detail.

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